Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Technology - Friend or Foe?

I see small businesses in South Jersey that waste so much of their hard earned money on banking the old fashioned way. For one of my clients, it costs a total of $75  a month  for stamps, envelopes, and checks in order to pay employees and vendors. While this may not seem like a big number to many, it quickly adds up. Besides wasting money on paper products, doing banking online is much more time efficient. We are all busy and taking the time to type things out or run to the bank, even put things in the mailbox takes up precious time.

With technology quickly advancing, some of my clients are still apprehensive about banking online. Even though it can be scary, it can provide a  business with a lot of time and cost cutting opportunities. Security is the first step, in my opinion, to make sure that you are doing your online banking correctly.  US News and World Report reminds us that changing passwords and protecting your information is key. Change your password often and make sure it is unique. Also avoid clicking through links in  emails. Within emails, there could be phishing messages that could try and steal your information.

 Overall I understand taking this step of going online can be scary and cause apprehension, but trust me, in the long run, both you and your small business will be thankful for all the time and money you save.
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